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Proceedings IPS 2018
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Collapse Session-1 Technology Challenges – Risks And Opportunities In Power GenerationSession-1 Technology Challenges – Risks And Opportunities In Power Generation
01.Technology Challenges – Risks And Opportunities In Power Generation.pdf
02.Beyond Zero Accident.pdf
03.Advanced Ultra Supercritical (A-USC) Technology Developments.pdf
04.Innovative Tools and practices.pdf
Collapse Session-10A Technological Challenges in Power StationSession-10A Technological Challenges in Power Station
01.Indian AUSC Program Engg.pdf
02.Turbine Design Need of the Hour.pdf
03.Air cooled condenser.pdf
04.PAT Implementation Experiences and Strategies.pdf
05.Restoration works for the collapsed portion of circulatory water channel.pdf
Collapse Session-10B Chemistry & Environment ManagementSession-10B Chemistry & Environment Management
01.On-line degassed Cation conductivity analyzer.pdf
02.Selective Catalytic Reduction Anticipated Operational Issues & Solutions.pdf
03.Protection of Pre Boiler & Boiler from Sea Water contamination.pdf
04.Multifunctional Combustion Catalyst for Coal.pdf
05.Best Practices regarding Unit preservation at NTPC Kayamkulam.pdf
Collapse Session-10C Water ManagementSession-10C Water Management
01.Water conservation & Management.pdf
02.Water Conservation & Management at GWEL.pdf
03.New Initiative in Water & waste water technology.pdf
04.Changing Cooling Tower blow down from cold water side to hot water side.pdf
05.Case Study on Transient Analysis of a Cooling Water System.pdf
Collapse Session-2A Safety  ManagementSession-2A Safety Management
01.New Level Of Water Chemistry Safety Compliance.pdf
02.Isolation & LOTO An Effective approach.pdf
03.Towards Design, Maintenance & Human Element in Electrical Safety.pdf
04.Plant Safety Leaders A Concept for Sustainable Safety.pdf
Collapse Session-2B Asset  ManagementSession-2B Asset Management
01.Anomaly detection in power plant data.pdf
02.IOT on machine health monitoring.pdf
03.IOT Solutions for Power Plants.pdf
04.ROAM with risk resilience.pdf
05.Blade vibration monitoring.pdf
Collapse Session-3A Flexibilization & Energy EfficiencySession-3A Flexibilization & Energy Efficiency
01.Enabling Flexible Operation.pdf
02.Benchmarking of O&M parameters.pdf
03.Use of the AdvX™ system to improve performance.pdf
04.Coal flow measurement for boiler optimization.pdf
05.Influence of renewable energy in plant safety and challenges for BRPs.pdf
Collapse Session-3B EnvironmentWater ManagementSession-3B EnvironmentWater Management
01.Mercury determination in combustion plants.pdf
02.Non-catalytic NOx Reduction Options.pdf
03.Risks and dangers of organic TOC contamination in water chemistry.pdf
04.Water Neutral Electricity Production.pdf
05.An Overview of Nox mitigation techniques .pdf
Collapse Session-4A Renewable EnergySession-4A Renewable Energy
01.Large Scale Battery Storage for Grid Stability.PDF
02.Renewable Energy Capsules; Green Power generation at the doorsteps.pdf
03.Operational Issues of solar power generation in India.pdf
04.Synchronization Techniques in Grid Connected Photovoltaic System.pdf
05.Renewable Power to GasLiquid - A Promising Storage Technolog.pdf
Collapse Session-4B Fuel and Ash ManagementSession-4B Fuel and Ash Management
02.Fly Ash Pneumatic Conveying System.pdf
04.Managing Ballast Deficiency Through Modification in BOBR Wagon.pdf
05.Combustion of co-firing biomass with pulverized coal.pdf
Collapse Session-4C Electrical systemsSession-4C Electrical systems
01.Testing of Bus bar Protection.pdf
02.Learnings on Chinese Make Units at Rosa Power.pdf
03.Generator Termination Bus-bar Arrangement - Design requirements.pdf
04.Dielectric Spectroscopy for High Voltage Machines.pdf
05.Design Issues in Generator Bus Duct CT Mounting System.pdf
Collapse Session-5A Operation & CommissioningSession-5A Operation & Commissioning
01.NTPC First 800MW ESP Post Commissioning Issues.pdf
02.NTPC 1st 800 MW – Kudgi Experience Sharing.pdf
03.Operational Issues of Solar Power Generation.pdf
04.Huge Savings by Out of Box Approach during Commissioning of 800 MW Unit.pdf
05.Best practices for improvement in Efficiency & Reliability.pdf
Collapse Session-5B Academics for Power generationSession-5B Academics for Power generation
01.New dust control technologies for bulk material handling.pdf
02.Pneumatic conveying of fly ash.pdf
04.O&M Best Practises.pdf
Collapse Session-5C Steam Turbine and auxiliariesSession-5C Steam Turbine and auxiliaries
02.Impact of piping on BFBP.pdf
03.Learnings at Rosa.pdf
04.Digital Profile Mapping Technique (Dpmt) During Turbine Overhauling.pdf
05.Insitu Refinning of 200MW HPT.pdf
Collapse Session-6A Energy Efficiency & ConservationSession-6A Energy Efficiency & Conservation
01.Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure and Energy storage .pdf
02.Case Study-APC Reduction of HP-BFP AT Faridabad GPS.pdf
03.Maximising plant efficiency under part loading conditions.pdf
04.Acoustic Pyrometry for Furnace Exit Gas Temperature Mapping.pdf
05.Mandatory energy audit.pdf
Collapse Session-6B Hydro GenerationSession-6B Hydro Generation
01.Effective Commissioning and O&M Issues in Hydro plants.pdf
02.Indigenously Developed Rotor Pole in Hydro Generator of Tehri HPP.pdf
03.Conversion from Oil Lubricated bearing to water Lubricated bearing.pdf
04.C&I Experience and Innovations at NTPC Koldam.pdf
Collapse Session-6C Control & InstrumentationSession-6C Control & Instrumentation
02.Steam Temp Control at Variable Load throughRenze Concept.pdf
03.IoT based Open Source Solution for Remote Data Monitoring System at TSTPS .pdf
04.Incorporation of New MethodsSystems for better reliablesafe practices.pdf
05.Enhancing the Reliability of Turbine Governing Characteristics.pdf
Collapse Session-7A Steam Generator & AuxiliariesSession-7A Steam Generator & Auxiliaries
01.Monitoring of air-fuel ratio using advanced sensors.pdf
02.Introduction to Plasma Ignition Technology .pdf
03.Modification of Lattice Buckstay.pdf
04.In-situ Detection of Hydrogen Damage in Water wall Tubes of Boiler.pdf
05.Non-Radiographic Inspection of Boiler Tube Old Weld Joints.pdf
06.Welding expereince and learning.pdf
Collapse Session-7B O&M Issues in Power GenerationSession-7B O&M Issues in Power Generation
01.Black Start Mock Drill Case Study of Gas PowerStation.pdf
02.Generator gas leakage Prevention.pdf
03.Case study on Solar Inverter Transformer failure.pdf
04.Cost optimisation & Reliability improvement of TDBFP through indegenisation.pdf
05.Potential saving during power drawl in commissioning phase.pdf
06.Health assessment of earthing system in NTPC Stations.pdf
Collapse Session-7C Flexible OperationSession-7C Flexible Operation
01.Impact of Cyclic Loading on the life of pressure part components using CREEP-FATIGUE .pdf
02.Part Load operation .pdf
03.AGC Implementation in India.pdf
04.Damages to power plant due to cycling and its mitigation strategies.pdf
05.Solar Energy Forecasting.pdf
06.Electrical Impact of transient saturation of Current Transformer.pdf