Day-1, 13th February 2017
Inauguration & Technical Sessions at
Manekshaw Center, Khyber Lines,
Delhi Cantt,New Delhi 

Day 2 & 3, 14th Feb & 15th Feb 2017
Technical Sessions for O&M Conference & Exhibition Technogalaxy 2017 at Power Management Institute,
SEC -16 A, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Indian Power stations O&M conference is a premier event anchored by NTPC Limited to commemorate synchronization of its first thermal plant at Singrauli super thermal power station, on 13thFeb. 1982. The forum provides a platform for sharing of best practices for Operation and Maintenance of power plants, which over the years has helped NTPC and other utilities across the country for operating in a reliable and efficient manner.

The conference has participation from State, Private sector, IPP’s as well as Power equipment manufacturers, Academic institutions and Service providers, both from within and outside the country. It gives opportunity for operators to invite dialogue on concerns and challenges and helps them in formulating the strategies. The aim of the conference is also to provide first hand feedback to our domain experts, regulators so as to align our national policy.

Reliable, Clean & Economic power to all is the motto of Indian power sector.In this direction Sustainable and Efficient generation of old units is as important as the new capacity addition of supercritical and ultra-supercritical units.Renovation and Modernization (R&M) of old power plants is an effective approach for reliable, efficient and economical operation of thermal power plants.This enables the power plant operators to leverage the advantage of technological advancement in various areas of Power plant in addressing obsolescence, change in Environmental norms and change in input parameters to the power plant at a lesser cost as compared to new units.The challenge today is to implement R&M in the old units in existing foot print of the plant and to minimize the shutdown durations.

The take away of the conference also includes experiences on best O&M practices as a prerequisite to R&M, strategies for enhancing efficiency &reliability, environment management, renewable generation and other recent technological developments.